CAP 09: “I don’t want to spend money for a nap.”

William has some words about the Justice League movie, Misa is glad to be watching sports and attempts to explain the so-called history of beef between the Lakers and Suns, and David likes Big KRIT’s “Forever is a Mighty Long Time” and might need to include 30 albums in his top 10 albums from 2017.

CAP 08: “Comic-Con: It’s a warzone out there!”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, episode eight!

David likes going to New York cuz he can get stir-fry at 1am. Misa & William like Blade Runner 2049 (and petty David). And we talk a bunch about David’s time at New York Comic-Con.

CAP 07: “Man, having a family made me soft.”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, episode seven!

David likes Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball comics. Misa doesn’t like invasive dudes. William likes Neo Yokio, more or less, and we risk disaster by talking about how much condescending dudes suck.

CAP 06: “You really gotta be willing to chuck these 3s, dude.”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, episode six!

David likes Lupin the Third. But like, for really real, though. Misa likes binge-watching TV, and especially enjoyed Preacher. William likes NBA 2k18, and so does everyone else. Plus, apparently we’re all into real dorky stuff.

CAP 05: “I kinda have a prejudice against weirdly drawn cartoons.”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, episode five!

David finally admits he doesn’t like Donald Trump, but he does like the peacefulness of the Japanese Garden in Portland. William has really been enjoying the Encyclopedia of Black Folklore and Humor. Misa likes Rick & Morty.

CAP 04: “That’s not even DuoLingo. That’s Lingo.”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, Episode 4!

David likes Duolingo. William likes today’s rappers. Misa likes her new Prius, and her Dad is a hustler, baby. Fake racism is usually mad corny, tho.

CAP 03: “…better at basketball than the whites”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, Episode 3!

The crew’s in Portland! David likes having enough space to cookout. Misa likes how walkable Portland is, while William likes the beer culture. Plot twist: Portlanders hate Californians.

CAP 02: “This is our second episode.”

The Culturally Appropriate Podcast, Episode 2!

David likes The Big O. Misa likes working out. William discusses WISPA. David talks about being the person that you needed in the past. And everybody talks about Big Boi’s new album Boomiverse.