CAP 29: “I gotta ‘Django Up’ out here!”

The gang talks about folklore, the bamboo princess legend, David’s shifting hardline views on rappers, and Preacher and the glory of Ruth Negga, before Misa quizzes David & William on Japanese onomatopoeia.

CAP 25: “He’s like the Smart Hulk version of Tasmanian Devil”

We’re back…again! We catch up on the news, discuss whether forgiveness means you get your job back, talk about Idris Elba as James Bond, and guess a bunch of NBA 2k19 ratings almost perfectly!

CAP 23: “Introspect yourself!”

David, Misa, and William discuss SEGA’s Yakuza games vs RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto, appraise JR Smith’s knucklehead status, and mull over Swag Champ Nick Young, burner accounts, Bryan Colangelo, and whether or not they feel bad for Lebron!

CAP 22: “That’s like one week ahead of a screenshot apology on Instagram”

David, Misa, and William talk murder jacket, Shogun World depiction, NBA talk,  burner accounts, silverbacks, Roseanne, and chewable viagra.